Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harsh Reality

You entered my world,
my safe place.
You didn't know me,
but I'd heard of you.
Little did I know how happy you'd make me.

A glimpse of your brown curls,
a dash of crystal blue eyes,
a pinch of that smile,
a handful of your sweet laughter.
Oh how happy that made me.

I put up my walls of stone at first,
but you slowly tore them down.
Without knowing it,
you made me fall for you.
So young,
but rich in values.
You recognized the monotomy of life around here,
you despise the normal,
loved the quirky.
How happy you made me.

One steady conversation after another,
opening your sould to me with your every thought, opinion, and belief.
We shared similar views,
thought alike about things.

I'm reading from my favorite magazine,
picking things out for my future.
Looking up,
I'm startled to find your eyes on mine,
with that special twinkle to them,
that special smile.

My heart melts,
I forget to breathe,
time stops,
I lose myself in the moment.
Oh how happy you make me.

But that's as far as things ever go.
No more breathtaking moments,
no more shared looks.
We grow apart,
but my fondness for you keeps growing.
When I reach out for you,
you're not there.
As I fall,
you walk away,
turning your back.
Oh how you've broken my heart.

As your life grows,
so does your ego.
I try to entice old conversations,
but you turn away,
brush them off.
My sincerity gives ground for your flippant remarks.
Oh how you use to make me happy.

Days go by and tempers mellow.
It's finally like old times,
but then you drop the bomb.
Planning on getting married soon,
having a family,
a dog,
the American dream all for yourself.

It's then that I realize we're all we'll ever be.
Casualness replaces intimacy,
confidence making way for eggshells.

My world registers a seven on the richtor scale.
My heart bleeds while my head spins.
All that's left are memories,
all that's to come is nothing.

I hope she makes you happy.