Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prayer of a Man

Heavenly Father,
Chosen One,
King of Kings,
Almighty One,

Into my open arms,
Let your peace descend,
As my worries and fears,
Find an end.

Lord of Lords,
Hear my prayer,
Save me Father,
From wretched despair.

All I ask,
Is for a helping hand,
To make the journey,
To your promised land.

Watch over me,
Guide me,
Love me,
Revive me.

Give me the strength,
To make it through,
Give me the courage,
To belong to you.

This I know,
You have a plan,
But please remember,
I am only a man.

Surround me with,
Your loving embrace,
So that one day,
I may see your holy face.