Saturday, November 21, 2015


Memories in my mind,
the only thing left of you.
Pain in my heart,
the only feeling I can feel.
Longing in my soul,
the only action I can take.

I held on until my fingers bled,
but they eventually slipped,
and I let go.
But you didn't reach down,
didn't try to save me,
didn't want to save me.
That's what hurt the most.

Falling with my tears,
landing in an empty bed,
feeling like the fool.
Everything we had,
suddenly seems phony.
How could I be so,
stupid? blind? ignorant?

Time is healing,
sewing me up,
but I will bear a scar.
You sneak into my thoughts,
when it's quiet,
when I'm still.
is not an option.

Sometimes I want to remember,
our kisses,
the laughter,
how you pressed me close.
A part of me,
will always be yours,
but you've lost me,

Please don't ask,
for me back,
for what we had.
It won't be the same,
similar perhaps,
but always tainted.

Goodbye my Popeye,
I wish you well.
your Olive.