Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let Me Fix You

Life's not fair,
It deals us blows,
Brings me down low.

                                      I want to help,
                                      But I can't,
                                      You won't confide,
                                      Keep me on the outside.

I cry and complain,
There's too much pain,
Can't take the strain.

                                      You stumble and fall,
                                      Ignoring my call.

I moan,
And I groan,
I feel all alone.

                                      Let me help,
                                      Let me try,
                                      I'm here,
                                      Don't cry.

The weight is crushing,
I can feel the air rushing,
Out of my lungs,
Into the night.

                                     Just breathe,
                                     Don't think,
                                     Trust me,
                                     I won't let you sink.

Save me,
Please someone,
Hold me,
Keep me steady.

                                     I'm here,
                                     It's okay,
                                     I'll stop the hurt,
                                     And take the pain away.