Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Ultimate Experience

As the breeze rustles the leaves of the giant oak tree, a cascade of rain pelts the surface of the earth.  It's as if the tree is shaking itself fry like a dog after a bath.  The low rumbling of the clouds in the distance resonates through the air like an invisible wave.  This triggers the launch of the pent up lightening storm, waiting to unleash its fury across the open sky.  Suddenly there's a rapid display of brilliant white, blue, red, and violet running through the atmosphere, and then comes the rain:  the torrents of rain come ripping through the heavens, drenching everything.  By now the breeze has turned into a raging wind, ready to sweep up everything in its path.  The smell of rainwater clings to the grass, to the soil, to my clothes, and in my hair.  My skin is damp and sticky from the humidity.  For a splitting second, the only thing I can hear s the storm.  The only thing I can feel is the danger, the energy, the adrenaline.  With eyes closed, I can feel the power of the storm coursing through my entire body, from head to foot.  The air is crackling with the vigor of the lightening; the ground seems to be shuddering from the thrill of the storm.  Crack!  A bolt of lightening collides with a tree, causing it to explode, sending bits of bark flying through the air.  And then as suddenly as it began, the storm end, leaving a path of destruction in its place.  Branches are strewn everywhere.  Leaves litter the grass, the road, and the cars.  The wind diminishes into a gently breeze, bringing with it the smell of burnt wood from the tree that was hit by lightening.

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