Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wind Bathing

I take a step forward, holding my breath and slightly bracing against the hurricane force.  It's best when your arms are out, away from your body.  It whips my loose hair all around my head, pulling it away one moment and plastering it down the next.  I close my eyes; I can feel it better that way.  The cool sensation begins against the bare skin of my throat, traveling across the back of the shoulders and through my shirt.  It feels like cool silk sliding along my arms and on the back of my neck.  As I continue walking, the wind changes directions and begins its skin dance all over again.  There's no other way of describing what it feels like, except to say it's like trying to stand still in an under-water current, with invisible waves cascading against your skin.  It's beautiful chaos. 

And just like that, it ends.

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