Friday, December 24, 2010

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Wow, it's hard to believe that this will be my last post for the Christmas Countdown.  I guess I will have to actually put my brain to work and think of some interesting posts to put up here without the help of the holidays or the season.  Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone who has been reading my Christmas posts, and I hope that you all have enjoyed them.

My brother is extremely excited for Santa to come tonight, and can hardly contain his excitement.  My parent's anniversary was on the twenty-second.  They've been together five years now, and am pretty confident when I say that they will be growing old together.  After that, my mother's birthday is today, Christmas Eve.  I've tried to make it special every year, firstly because she is my mom, but secondly because having a birthday around any holiday is a bummer because it's so easy to overlook it.  So amongst all the Christmas decorations, I put up balloons and pink streamers, making our house look pretty interesting.

A few weeks ago, I was worried that we wouldn't have a white holiday, but my worries were put to rest after a nice little blizzard, and then again today with a beautiful snowfall.  I don't think anything is prettier than fat snowflakes floating down, not to mention it was pretty easy to scoop!  My brother and I haven't built any snowmen yet, but there is still enough winter left to do that.

I'm signing off for now, but just want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!!!!


  1. I am glad you are having a white holiday and lots of family around. Have a great new year! I am a new follower, please stop by my blog and leave your comment when you are back.

  2. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! :-D